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Dunn Financial Advisors provides you with some unique benefits in financial planning. Up to 800,000 people in the U.S call themselves financial planners yet only a small percentage are NAPFA Registered fee only certified financial planners who use Nobel Prize winning strategies. Listed are some of the reasons that you should consider Dunn Financial Advisors for your financial planning needs.

Blaine Dunn was listed among the top 35 financial planners in the greater Washington, D.C. metro area by Washingtonian magazine (December 2002) as "people you can trust with your money."

Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) – Blaine Dunn is a CFP® practitioner. Anyone can use the term "financial planner." According to the CFP Board of Standards, 200,000 to 800,000 people from brokerage firms, accounting firms, banks, insurance companies and various other financial services firms call themselves financial planners. Using that standard, only 5 to 20 percent of people who call themselves financial planners hold the Certified Financial Planner designation and only 10 to 40 percent hold any professional designation including the CPA/PFS or ChFC designation.

NAPFA Registered Advisor – Blaine Dunn is a NAPFA Registered Advisor. The National Association of Professional Financial Advisors is an exclusive professional association of fee only financial planners who provide comprehensive objective financial advice. Members have some of the highest training in the industry with Continuing Education Requirements that are twice the industry requirements. NAPFA is the only financial planning organization that requires an applicant to submit a comprehensive financial plan for peer review prior to being offered membership in the organization. Less than three percent of all Certified Financial Planners are NAPFA Registered Advisors.

Endorsements – The Consumer Federation of America, AARP, Jane Bryant Quinn of Newsweek, Forbes, Money, and Consumer Digest all have endorsed NAPFA members as being among the best financial planners for consumers.

Fiduciary – Dunn Financial Advisors is a fiduciary. Under the 1940 Investment Advisors Act, Dunn Financial Advisors, as a registered investment advisor, is required by law to be a fiduciary to clients. As a fiduciary, Dunn Financial Advisors is required by law to put the interests of its clients first. Registered representatives of broker dealers are exempt from this law and are not required to be a fiduciary to a client. Insurance agents and other financial advisors are not even covered by this law.

Fee Only – Dunn Financial Advisors is a fee only financial planning firm. We do not sell any products and receive no commissions. We have no incentive on any financial product and strategy other than implementing the best plan for you. This allows us to be completely free and unbiased in our financial planning and investment advice. Some financial planners use the term "fee based." Those planners may charge for advice, but they also receive commissions on the sale of products and soft dollar incentives for proprietary products. That creates a conflict of interest between the planner’s compensation and the client’s best interests. We receive compensation only from our clients and have no incentives to provide anything other than comprehensive, concise, objective financial advice.

Nobel Prize Winning Strategy – Dunn Financial Advisors has access to exclusive asset class funds using Nobel prize winning strategies.

Harry M. Markowitz, William Sharpe, and Merton Miller shared the Nobel prize in financial economics in 1990 for their work on Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), contributions to theory of the capital asset pricing model (CAPM), and to the theory of corporate finance, respectively. Most institutional portfolio design today is based on that Nobel prize winning theory. Myron Scholes and Fischer Black discovered, and Robert Merton developed, the Black-Scholes formula for option pricing that tells investors what value to put on a financial derivative, such as a stock option. Although Black died in 1995, Scholes and Merton won the Nobel prize for their work in 1997. "Corporate strategists use the theory to evaluate business decisions; bond analysts use it to value risky debt; regulators use it to value deposit insurance; wildcatters use it to value exploration leases," said the Economist in 1991 in a series on the "modern classics" of economics. "In fact," said the magazine, "the model can be used to examine any 'contract' whose worth depends on the uncertain future value of an 'asset'."

Robert Merton and Myron Scholes now are fund directors at Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA). Dunn Financial Advisors has been selected to use DFA’s research and specialized asset class funds that are available only to selected fee only institutional clients.

Institutional Class Offerings – We can offer clients a variety of investment products and services that usually are not available to retail clients. These include:

Investments available only to selected institutional fee only advisors
Institutional class funds with lower expense ratios
Load waived funds which are offered without any sales charge
No load funds
Block trading for securities which can lower client acquisition costs
Institutional discounts
Institutional research
Institutional custody
Access to pre IPO and venture capital offerings to qualified investors

Personalized Financial Plan and Implementation – We can offer you a personalized financial plan and personalized investment strategy to help you achieve your goals. Unlike large institutions which usually sell products under the guise of financial planning, we offer impartial advice and help you implement your plan.